*All prices subject to change based on the condition of the vehicle. All vehicles will be subject to inspection and there may be an extra charge for heavy cleaning at that point.

- All prices are starting @ and do not include HST
- Inspection of vehicle is needed to quote properly
- Please empty all interior compartments and take out any personal items before dropping vehicle off.

Extra charges apply for:
- More than one set of Floor mats
- Pet hair
- Smoked in
- Worked in
- Heavy stains
- Never been professionally detailed before

- Removing under oil

Note: Cloth seats may take longer if no fabric protection is on them
What is under the material on cloth seats? Foam is!
Foam is an excellent absorbing product but it also takes time to extract the dirt and any spills out of it.
We have professional extractor’s with a see through nozzle that lets us see what we are extracting out. We extract until we see clear liquid coming out. We want to provide a quality service so this takes patience and time.

Important info:
- If some reason there is a spill, please do not use a detergent unless it is a Low Foaming detergent.
- Never use baking soda on an interior. It is almost impossible to get it out.
- If there is an odour you want to get rid off, we have an ozonator that will do that.
First we recommend an interior clean as this may be the only thing needed to rid of the odour.

Check out the
Additional Services page for pricing on Fabric Protection and Ozonator Odour Removal


(Combo Interior 2 + Salon Wash)

Car $325.00 | 5 hours 2 people
SUV $350.00 | 6 hours 2 people
Truck $375.00 | 7 hours 2 people
Van $425.00 | 8 hours 2 people

  • Exterior Hand Wash

  • Acid Wash

  • Bug & Sap Removal

  • Hand Dry

  • Wax

  • Decontamination of Tires & Rims

  • Wheel Wells Cleaned

  • Door Jams Wiped

  • Tire Dressing

  • Chrome Tailpipe Polished

  • Exterior & Interior Windows Cleaned

  • Exterior and Interior Mirrors Cleaned

  • Floor Mats Cleaned (one set)

  • Compressed air blow out

  • Vacuum

  • Shampoo

  • Clean Vinyl & Leather

  • Protect Vinyl & Leather

  • Air Vents Cleaned

  • Interior Compartments Cleaned

  • Stain and Basic Odour Removal

  • Salt Stain Removal



Interior #1

Cars $189.00 | 3 hours 2 people
SUV $199.00 | 4 hours 2 people
Large SUV, Truck,Van $219.00 | 5 hours 2 people


  • Clean Floor Mats (one set)

  • Vacuum

  • Compressed Air Blow out

  • Vinyl & Leather Cleaned

  • Air Vents Cleaned

  • Exterior and Interior Windows Cleaned

Interior #2

 Cars $249.00 | 4 hours 2 people

SUV $279.00 | 5 hours 2 people

Large SUV,Truck $299.00 | 6 hours 2 people

Van $350.00 | 7 hours 2 people

  • Clean Floor Mats (one set)

  • Compressed Air Blow Out

  • Vacuum

  • Air Vents Cleaned

  • Interior Compartments Cleaned

  • Vinyl and Leather Cleaned

  • Vinyl and Leather Protected

  • Shampoo

  • Stain Removal

  • Basic Odour Removal

  • Salt Stain Removal

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