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Additional Services

*All prices subject to change based on the condition of the vehicle. All vehicles will be subject to inspection and there may be an extra charge for heavy cleaning at that point.

- All prices are starting @ and do not include HST

Ceramic Coating on Rims

Starting at $200.00

Size and detail of rims considered in pricing Only for Clear Coated Wheel & Rims

Fabric Protection
(Professional Grade)

Starting at $39.00

Protect against accidental spills and stains.  Protect convertible tops from UV rays.  Surfaces treated become simple to clean, saving you time and money. Durable protection. For 6-12 months Starting at $75

Headlight Restoration

Good for a quick detail if selling your vehicle

Starting at $74.00

Total Headlight Restoration

starting at $129.00

Auto detailing, car care, car detailing

Ozonator Machine

Odor & Disinfectant

Starting at $49.00 (minimum of 3 hours)

Carpet Shampoo

Front only starting at $54.00
Front and Rear starting at $85.00
Extra charge for third row seating

Interior Vacuum

Starting at $39.00 per half hour

Heated Blower

To help dry interior after shampoo

Starting at $25.00 (minimum of 2 hours)

Salt Stains

Starting at $49.00

Tire & Rim Decontamination

Starting at $79.00

Emergency Detail

Detail of spills and biological accidents

Starting at $119.00

Acid Wash

Starting at $54.00

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